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“11 Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs” by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma (Author of the #1 bestsellers “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “The Leader Who Had No Title”) has recently recorded a video called “11 Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs”. I was so impressed with his video that I decided to share it with my readers here. It is well worth watching if you are planning to start your own business or if you are already a business owner and want to multiply your productivity.

I have written down a summary of the recording below but I highly recommend that you watch the video as well. This is truly one of the most inspiring and powerful videos I’ve watched in a long time. Thank you Robin for making this available to us!

Here is the link to the video =>

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Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs

1. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand that the quality of the practice determines the caliber of the performance.

What makes a great athlete is not just what they do on the game but what they do before they play the game. What makes a great entrepreneur is what they do before they get to work / before they hit the stage.

What do you do before you get to work?

The Pro Athlete Protocol: Mental, physical + emotional preparation. Get up early, do some exercise and find some time to learn / to read. If you want to double your sales, triple the amount that you invest in your professional development and your own education.

2. Bureaucrats talk about people, gossip and problems, Remarkable Entrepreneurs talk about possibilities, dreams, solutions and creating results.

Everytime there is a problem, they think “What’s the opportunity here?”, “How can we leverage this situation to build a better company?”. They trained their brains to focus on possibilities and results.

3. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand that they are paid not just to work, but they are paid to be scared.

The best entrepreneurs play out on the edges and take calculated risks daily or weekly. They challenge the way they performed yesterday.

4. To have what only 1% of the entrepreneurial population have, you must be willing to do what only 1% of the entrepreneurial population are willing to do.

Luck is something that people earn. The best entrepreneurs do things that are difficult, they do things that cause them to stretch and that require commitment.

You must be willing to do what the few do:

  • Take risks.
  • Take time to think alone in silence. As Michael Gerber says, work on your business, not just in your business.
  • Study your business.
  • Get up early.
  • Have clarity on your 90 day goals, 1 year goals, 5 year goals.
  • Build relationships.
  • Listen to your customers.
  • Persist.

5. Bureaucrats are threatened by change, Remarkable Entrepreneurs are inspired by change.

Best entrepreneurs understand that when they grow their business they will experience alternating cycles of confusion to get to the next level of clarity. Truly remarkable entrepreneurs understand that a change is required to get them to the next level of profits, success and fulfillment.

6. Bureaucrats have jobs, Remarkable Entrepreneurs have crafts.

You want to see your work not just as work but an opportunity to develop your talents so you stand in full self-expression. The best entrepreneurs don’t do it just for the money, they do it for the pride they feel on creating world-class products and doing genius-level work. Few things would make you happier than knowing you are going to work every day and working towards expressing your creativity, your talent, your passion, while making the world a better place because ultimately the purpose of business is to change the world. The ultimate secret of happiness is using your life and talents to make a difference.

7. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand that an addiction to distraction is the death of creative production.

The average entrepreneur is spending two hours a day in distractions, i.e. they spend 14 hours a week being busy doing not much of anything.

The best entrepreneurs understand that the whole key in business is to shift out of complexity + busy-ness to simplicity + focus. Clean out distractions and focus on the few high leverage activities that will truly get your business to where you want it to get to.

8. Bureaucrats wait until they get the energy to do the work, Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand that to get the energy you have to first do the work.

When you do a difficult task, there will be a corresponding release of “The Three Entrepreneurial Gifts”:

  1. Release of more motivation (you’ll feel like doing more)
  2. Release of more confidence (you’ll feel you can do more)
  3. Release of energy (the more work you do, the more energy is released)

9. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand that the bigger the dream the more important your team.

Populate your business with world-class people and then coach them, train them, educate them everyday.

Leadership is about influence (moving people into action by your example, by your mastery, by your passion).
Leadership is about impact (less talk more results, less meetings more execution).
Leadership is about inspiration (best leaders understand that their job is to grow other leaders).

10. Remarkable Entrepreneurs populate their lives with people whose lives they want to be living.

Not only the people that they allow into their lives but also the environments that they expose their mindsets and their energy too, including their office and home.

11. Remarkable Entrepreneurs are obsessed fundamentally with giving.

Focus on producing work that wows your customers. Do not ask yourself “what can I get?”, ask yourself “who may I help?”. Business is about producing unusual value for as many people as possible. Focus less on what is in it for you, focus more on doing the work.


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It Is Never Too Late To Start Your Own Business

Do you think you are too old to change your life and work at something you love? If your answer is yes, think again.  Around the world an increasing number of people are pursuing their passions and starting their own businesses. It is NEVER too late to follow your dreams. Many people are doing it, why can’t you?

Kay Illingworth, 52, from UK was devastated when her marriage ended after 19 years.  She found comfort in food and put on nearly 100 pounds of weight. For three years she cut herself off from the world. One day she was ready to embrace life again and decided to lose weight with the help of a dietitian. She didn’t want to weigh her portions and that is how The Diet Plate ® , the world’s first ever “Portion Control” plate was born. She patented and registered it, wrote to over 1000 dietitians in the UK and USA telling them all about The Diet Plate ® and within weeks many had requested samples. She then got on CNN Headline News. She believed in her product, took the first step and built up a brand that is now sweeping the UK. She lost her extra weight too!:-)

Hannah Van Dijk, 37, from UK was made redundant from her position as a marketing executive at an online bank. Instead of looking for another job, she decided to pursue her old dream of running her own retail operation. Less than a year after losing her job, she launched her shop The Welsh Farming Company. She now says “The shop is doing better than I could have imagined and we have now launched our online store”.

Eve Davies worked as a nurse for nearly three decades before launching her own business offering personalised tours of Britain. She was 62 years old when she and her husband Peter started to run Cambrian Routes, an award-winning specialist holiday service. Now they are planning their next two ventures: One will be taking over a shop in a wonderful little sailing village to sell water sports goods, clothing for walkers, kites and quality gifts. The other is the purchase of a holiday chalet to let.

So, are you ready to follow your dreams and make money from your passions? If you think you don’t know what you want to do, download my free report 10 Powerful Questions To Help You Discover The Work You Love and subscribe to this blog to receive notifications of my new posts by email. Remember, nothing is stopping you from creating and running a business around the work that is meaningful to you. First, find the work you love and then take baby steps to reach your goal. I will discuss the importance of baby steps on another post so make sure to come back to my blog regularly to check out my latest posts.